We are the fastest growing GPS Tracking company in Australia. Our Fleet Management application is trusted by some of the largest names in the automotive and people moving industry. We make it affordable for businesses of all sizes to monitor their fleet from anywhere in the world.

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Welcome to Netcorp GPS

Welcome to Netcorp. We’re proud to be the only company in Australia to offer a true 100% onboard computer solution for all your GPS tracking, navigation and dispatch needs that require absolutely no technical installation!

Running a business is hard work, and whether you have 1 or 1000 vehicles in your fleet, it can often be difficult to maintain transparency between staff and management. That’s where Netcorp GPS comes in. Our GPS tracking solutions make things so much easier for employers and employees alike, and we guarantee they will save you time and money in the long run. Using the most advanced mapping technology in the world (that never needs updating!), you’ll soon wonder how you did without our market-leading GPS tracker.

One of the main benefits of our gps tracking device is that it’s so simple and convenient to use. We’ve specifically developed our products to suit the requirements of industry-specific clients, and some of them are available as a plug and play solution that’s ready to use straight away. At a fraction of the cost of our competitors, you can get technology which allows you to track employee productivity, get detailed usage reports, monitor and protect your assets and many more.

Our web based tracking solution is the most versatile anywhere in the world. Unlike other products on the market, ours only require an internet connection and a web browser to get started. Why waste time going in circles with confusing technology, when you could have an instant solution to your needs? We’ll even plug into your existing business systems and give clients features that only corporate and enterprise custom solutions could previously offer. Whether you want auto alerts by email or SMS, live job activity and completion, automated billing or many more excellent features, it’s now perfectly easy thanks to Netcorp.

Whatever your requirements or budget, we’ve got a tailor-made plan to suit you. Our more affordable basic package nonetheless features Telstra 3G, unlimited email, 24/7 support and much more. Our incredible platinum package has all these features, giving you updates in just 10 second intervals to ensure you’re kept in the loop at all times.

Like the sound of our industry-leading GPS tracking devices? Get in touch now and find out how you can revolutionise your business.

What we do?

We currently offer GPS tracking and Fleet management tools to help you improve the business efficiency of your vehicle fleet, we also offer GPS tracking features that improve the security features of your vehicle by constantly monitoring its location

Our Plans

Basic Package

$19.00 /month

120 sec Updates
Telstra 3G
1 Month History
Unlimited E-Mail
Full Reporting Suite
24/7 Support 
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Value Package

$25.00 /month

60 sec Updates
Telstra 3G
3 Month History
Unlimited E-Mail
Full Reporting Suite
24/7 Support
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Platinum Package

$30.00 /month

10 sec Updates
Telstra 3G
12 Month History
Unlimited E-Mail
Full Reporting Suite
24/7 Support 
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our Features

We currently offer all types of GPS tracking services. Whether you have 1 or 1000 vehicles in your fleet, our platform is designed to be scalable and implemented in businesses of all sizes in order to maintain transparency between all staff as well as  management.

Due for release in MID 2016, Netcorp GPS will be the only Australian company to offer a true 100% onboard computer solution that can manage GPS Tracking, Engine and Driver Monitoring, Live Job Dispatch, Navigation and Local Internet Hotspot -  all on one single platform that requires NO technical installation.



  1. Basic Vehicle Tracking & Historical Archiving
    Our off the shelf product allows businesses of all sizes to implement simple GPS tracking solutions into their fleet with minimal fuss and simple plug and play solutions. We have both fixed unit type devices and plug and play OBD devices available
  2. Fleet Management and Vehicle Operation Reporting
    Our NEW industry leading CANBUS and OBD tracking solutions allow business operations to accurately cost their vehicle operations and overheads. Calculating live fuel consumption, monitoring vehicle abuse and an onboard "Blackbox" which monitors driver operation  and vehicle diagnostics every second.
  3. Job Management and Vehicle Dispatch
    DUE FOR RELEASE IN MID 2016: Our state of the art web based application is the first of its kind integrating vehicle geo-location and active job management. We can plug into your existing business systems and offer your clients features only previously available to corporate and enterprise custom solutions. Offer your clients auto alerts by email or SMS to driver arrival ETA, live job activity and completion, and automated billing and driver acknowledgement.


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