Welcome: Sydney Fast Ferries

Another Marine Industry Win with Netcorp GPS!

Sydney Fast Ferries is the official fast ferry service operating between Manly and Circular Quay during peak periods. Netcorp GPS is proud to have provisioned for them, their very own Live Monitoring portal to give them up to date information about their Vessel's location, speed and heading, to make sure their customer service delivery commitments are delivered on time, every time! They will be able to report on weekly trends, monitor engine servicing requirements, and timetable referencing ability with Live updates and GEO-Fenced terminals.

We look forward to working closer with the marine industry in Australia and their requirements, and Sydney Fast Ferries has provisioned the ultimate platform to do so. If you have similar needs to Sydney Fast Ferries, please contact us on: 1300 722 127 or our contact form.