Monitoring Iceberg with GPS Tracking

NASA is using GPS tracking devices to track a massive iceberg in Antarctica. The icy mass, named B31, is about 621.60 square kilometers and in recent times broke free from the Pine Island Glacier.
Regardless of its size and mass, monitoring is not going to be a simple task due to the upcoming Antarctic winter and subsequent darkness.
Pine Island icy mass has been melting at a fast pace because of a global warming. “Iceberg calving is a very normal process,” said NASA glacier expert Kelly Brunt. ”However, the detachment rift, or crack, that created this iceberg was well upstream of the 30-year average calving front of Pine Island Glacier (PIG), so this a region that warrants monitoring.”
British Antarctic Survey (BAS) marked the iceberg B13 with a total of 37 GPS tracking devices during the year.