Postponement in Setting Recently Launched Block IIF Satellite Healthy

The most recent GPS Block IIF satellite, IIF-5 or SVN64 (operating as PRN30), was launched on 21 February 2014. Naturally, GPS satellites are checked out and made set within about a month subsequent launch. SVN64 has yet to be set healthy.
The postponement is due to an extensive routing test being performed by the GPS master control station. A navigation upload for SVN64 was performed in March with ephemeris and clock data as usual stretching weeks in advance. Nevertheless, unlike with operational satellites, no further updated uploads have been implemented. The aging ephermis and clock data progressively becomes less and less precise as time goes by but should debase gracefully.
Intrusive observers will have perceived that the established navigation data from SNV64 changes occasionally. Presently, the routing data changes once per day with an epoch of 13:00 GPS time unlike every two hours with operational satellites. And the data fit interval is 26 hours, compared to four hours.
The test is scheduled to run until the middle of May.