Our OBD6800 Vehicle Monitoring and GPS Tracking product, is an industry leading, low cost solution that is easily installed in less than 5 minutes. It is transportable across any fleet of vehicles that have an industry standard OBD2 Diagnositics Port.

It is a true “Plug & Play” solution for all monitoring applications and offers a high return on investment for any client with high vehicle turnover. Our product uses the latest technology in real-time monitoring and our easy to use web based interface is able to provide businesses with a broad scope of valuable, and intelligent vehicle data.

By being able to take out installation costs that may present themselves on other hardware waiting to be capitalized on, the OBD6800 is a low cost option for companies with the desire to better understand how to allocate resources more efficiently as well as set and reallocate budget to areas that are profitable for business and potentially reassess areas that are unproductive when it comes to staff performance.


  • Install in any OBD2 Vehicle Diags Port
  • 24/7Hr Self Monitoring and Updates
  • Monitor using any Web Browser
  • Intelligent Reporting and E-Mail
  • iPad / iPhone / Smart Phone Compatible
  • Built In Tremble Sensor
  • Internal Backup Battery
  • Multi Polygon Geo Fences
  • Full Range of E-Mail and SMS Alerts
  • Telstra NextG Performance


  • Live Instant Vehicle Location Monitoring
  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Monitor Driver Behaviour
  • Mileage Monitoring
  • Speeding and Geofence alerts
  • Vehicle Security