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The Netcorp NC366I is a compact yet feature packed 3G GPS tracking device boasting high end functionality in a Waterproof IP67 rated protective case and an Internal GPS Antenna. The unique rugged design of the shell is designed to work in the most extreme conditions and give protection against high temperatures, dusty environments and wet conditions.

The compact case is also sealed with anti-tamper style screws and internal SIM card installation with a covert style casing and wiring which protects the asset against tamper and theft.

The device also features an optional built in battery for backup power in the even the main power of the device is disconnected. The device will continue to operate for up to 3 days on its own battery power and the GPS tracking platform will notify the owner of this event.

The onboard memory also captures any GPS movement data and activity for up to month in a scenario whereby 3G/Mobile reception is not available. This is ideal for companies that work in remote areas with limited phone signal and/or long haulage trips.

Our propietry “One-Wire” technology allows the integration of optional multiple device input types including Temperature Sensors and RFID key technology if required for a customised solution.

The solution is suitable for any type of vehicle including motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks, marine and heavy machinery.