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Basic Package

$19.00 /month

120 sec Updates
Telstra 3G
1 Month History
Unlimited E-Mail
Full Reporting Suite
24/7 Support

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Value Package

$25.00 /month

60 sec Updates
Telstra 3G
3 Month History
Unlimited E-Mail
Full Reporting Suite
24/7 Support

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Platinum Package

$30.00 /month

10 sec Updates
Telstra 3G
12 Month History
Unlimited E-Mail
Full Reporting Suite
24/7 Support

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GPS Device Order Details
Tracker Order Qty Tracker Model
Installation Required Vehicle Make/Model
Options - Per Tracking Device
Unlimited SMS Alerts (Per Tracker) $10 / Month  Yes
Vehicle Remote Disabling Installation (Only Security Monitoring Companies & Police are able to legally request the disabling of a vehicle remotely) $ 330 / Per Vehicle  Yes
24Hr Security Company Monitoring (Per Tracker) $7 / Month  Yes
12 Months Tracking History $5 / Month  Yes
24 Months Tracking History $8 / Month  Yes
36 Months Tracking History POA  Yes

Terms & Conditions

1. All Subscription Service Charges are payable monthly or annually in advance
2. All Live Update Intervals are subject to available GPS and Carrier Signal (in cases where cellular data signals are unavailable the device will store buffered data and transmit the GPS tracking data when signal is reachable)
3. The client understands that there are certain limitations of GPS tracking devices which include physical obstructions, Carrier Data Signal and Radio Frequency Interference, which may limit the performance of the GPS tracking device.
4. Unless otherwise stated, there are no minimum contract terms for Netcorp GPS tracking subscription services. If the client chooses to terminate a service, a minimum of 30 days written notice is required prior to the next billing cycle.
5. All hardware remains the property of Netcorp GPS Pty Ltd until any outstanding accounts are paid for in full
6. Lifetime Warranty in only available on devices as stated and that are installed by an authorised installer or qualified automotive technician – in all other cases a standard 12 month hardware warranty applies.
7. Warranty does not cover physical or electrical damage to a device or devices that have been tampered with.
8. If a device or installation is found to be tampered with by the client or one of their staff, the client agrees to pay any costs related to any onsite repair or replacement of the device.
9. The client agrees that Netcorp GPS Pty Ltd or any of its employees, partners, agents or contracted technicians, under any circumstances, cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to property, services or income, related to products and services provided by Netcorp GPS Pty Ltd.


By undertaking the purchase of these tracking services I am aware and compliant with the relevant governing surveillance ACT applicable in my state. Further details can be found here: http://www.netcorpgps.com.au/gps-tracking-legislation/

I am not using this device for the surveillance, monitoring or tracking of a person without their prior knowledge and/or a vehicle or asset I don’t have complete ownership of.

I have read the above terms and conditions. I agree to allow Netcorp GPS Pty Ltd to debit the above service charges to the nominated payment methods