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Our NC-3G GPS Tracking device is an industry leading 3G connected device which is highly accurate and compact in design. It offers you the ability to cost effectively monitor your vehicles from anywhere in the world as well as containing the ability to gather data from various optional inputs and an array of security features. The NC-3G uses the latest in real-time tracking technology with ultra fast cold start Satellite acquisition and 3G data coverage which allows up to 10 second update intervals in regards to tracking your fleet.

Our easy to use web interface is available from any internet enabled computer or smart phone device and will provide you with a broad scope of intelligent data to use in your business. By being able to utilize this hardware with various reporting and analytical metrics, your company will be able to confidently pinpoint exactly where productivity is being lost within your fleet and where it is making up for it.

  • 10-60 sec Second Updates Intervals
  • Compact in Size for Easy Secure Fitment
  • Unlimited E-Mail Alerts for all Features
  • Intelligent Web Based Reporting Tools
  • Smart Phone / Internet Browser Compatible
  • Built In Tremble Sensor
  • Solid Protective Alloy Case
  • Internal Backup Battery up to 3 Days
  • Tamper Proofing Features for Power & Antennas
  • Minimum 3 Months Tracking History
  • Telstra NextG Network Performance
  • Live Vehicle Monitoring
  • Increase Staff Productivity
  • Monitor Driver Behaviour
  • Meet OH&S Regulations
  • Vehicle & Product Security
  • Mileage & Services Schedule Alerts
  • Guaranteed to Improve Productivity