Fleet Management & GPS Tracking Services

Managing a fleet can be a difficult task, but Netcorp have strived to make things easier for you. Our systems can give updates in intervals of just 10 seconds; making it the fastest available in the GPS tracking industry. Here are just some of the ways our fleet management services can help your business go from strength to strength:

  • Improve scheduling of vehicle maintenance
  • Accurately track employee productivity
  • Provide detailed usage reports for a comprehensive collection of data
  • Reliable asset tracking and security

While in an ideal world all employees would be completely trustworthy, the reality is that you need to put measures in place to ensure that you’re not being taken advantage of. You don’t want to be losing money due to poor performance or misuse of vehicles, and our fleet management services provide a quick and easy way of monitoring your employees and keeping your business well organised.

There are always a lot of things to worry about when it comes to managing your fleet. Our innovative GPS tracking service makes it much easier to be kept up to date in real time, and it’s so much easier to use than anything else out there! Our new, industry-leading CAN bus and OBD tracking solutions allow businesses to accurately work out the cost of vehicle operations and overheads, which is hugely valuable knowledge that will help you streamline your processes. With our innovative, user-friendly GEO-Fencing technology you’ll even be able to create a “virtual fence”, comprised of a complex polygon on a live map. Once you’ve set up this fence you’ll be able to receive instant email alerts should a vehicle stray outside the designated area.

Especially in larger fleets, it’s important to know when your vehicles need to be serviced so that you can ensure they’re all running at the optimum level. Our technology makes it perfectly easy to set KM alerts on each individual asset, which will alert the user when the vehicle has reached the calculated target. Why choose any other fleet management service, when Netcorp offers the most efficient, comprehensive solution in the industry?