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  1. All Subscription Service Charges are payable monthly or annually in advance.
  2. All Live Update Intervals are subject to available GPS and GPRS Signal. The client understands that there are certain limitations of GPS tracking device.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, there are no minimum contract terms for Netcorp GPS tracking subscription services. A minimum of 30 days written notice is required prior to the next billing cycle.
  4. All GPS Equipment remains the property of Netcorp GPS Pty Ltd until all outstanding accounts are paid for in full.
  5. Warranty does not cover physical or electrical damage to a device or devices that have been tampered with.
  6. Warranty only applies to hardware devices installed by an authorised or qualified technician.
  7. If the device or installation is found to be tampered with, the client agrees to pay any costs related to any onsite repair or replacement of the device.

I am the authorised representative for this account and have read the above acknowledgment.