We have an exclusive selection of over 40 European luxury limousines. Our clients demand promptness and flexibility with their driver and vehicle. We have tried other companies, and the only way we have been able to reliably and transparently offer our services is by using Netcorp’s GPS Tracking services

Alfio Merlino, CEO Astra Group

Before installing Netcorp’s GPS tracking hardware we had issues with clients claiming our ferries were running late, and other vessels claiming our vessels were not observing regulations. Netcorp GPS tracking has given us transparency over driver behaviour and solving customer service issues’

John Macpherson, MD Sydney Fast Ferries

Month on Month we save thousands of dollars by scheduling daily job routines more accurately. This increases our productivity and customer satisfaction. Since we've installed Netcorp’s vehicle tracking services we have also reduced our overtime claims by over 40% and increased our productivity by 18%

Jody Aldag, MD Extreme Fire Solutions