END OF AN ERA – Telstra shuts down the 2G Network

The much anticipated shutdown of the Telstra 2G/GSM network today, to make way for development in 5G technology was this morning actioned by the Telecommunications Giant. Over the past 18 months Telstra has actively notified 2G users with various emails, SMS and registered mail about the intention to shutdown their 2G network and the affect it would have on their current services. Some legacy Netcorp GPS tracking clients were affected by the technology decommissioning, and were left with no choice but to upgrade their hardware. Optus and Vodafone both have intentions of shutting down their networks in July and September 2017 respectively leaving clients with the option to extend the life of their hardware another 6 months, however most optioning to upgrade to later model 3G/4G devices. The impact this has had on the M2M network which is used for GPS Tracking, Live Telematics, Remote Monitoring of GSM devices and Alarm Monitoring is still unknown however, most reputable service providers have had enough time to prepare for the change, and migrate their clients to the newer applicable hardware. 3G and 4G hardware in the GPS Tracking industry was always a more expensive option at the time of implementing GPS Tracking system in their businesses, but with the costs of producing 3G chipsets in telematic devices decreasing significantly over the years, most clients have seen an overall cost saving, as the cost of upgrading to new 3G compatible hardware at current pricing is still more cost effective than purchasing it originally - PLUS they also get the benefit of brand new, feature rich, compact and efficient equipment versus the technology of many years ago.

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