Dealing with driver fatigue is a major issue battled by logistics businesses worldwide. The industry depends on regulators to nominate minimum rest times for drivers to ensure compliance and safety or all road users including the drivers themselves. In recent years there has been a heavy focus on implementing drivers aids to assist drivers in managing their rest breaks and ensure that operators and drivers adhere to the legislation as well as monitoring driver behavior proactively to minimise the potential for a fatigue related incident.


Our vehicle telematics technology focuses on profiling trends in driver's overall behaviour alongside driver fatigue by developing profiles for individual drivers and their good and bad habits so that logitics and fleet manager can proactively address training techniques and plans to further improve their internal processes. 

In October 2018 the NHVR (National Heavy Vehicle Regulator) in Australia, has demanded organisations take the appropriate steps using whatever means necessary to ensure drivers are complying with the law, and that operators are not placing drivers in unrealistic deadline timeframes, and thereby introducing the “Chain Of Responsibility" legislation.

Businesses who do not take the appropriate proactive action are exposed to huge fines and even the possibility of jail time.

Essentially the legislation outlines an onus on the operator to take appropriate steps to prove they have done everything they can to reduce risk along their delivery chain. This starts from the driver and ground level staff, all the way to Executive Management to ensure they minimise the potential of high risk scenarios that can place drivers and road users in a position of vulnerability.

Netcorp GPS has developed an “off-the-shelf" application that marries driver Work Diary times with actual vehicle movement. By utilising various techniques, sensors and vehicle integrations we have developed various methods that engage the driver at a minimal level but proactively monitors their various levels of fatigue. 

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