The Waste Management industry benefits hugely from GPS tracking technology.

It allows Government agencies, councils and waste companies to be across the status and location of their fleets, assets and vehicles in order to increase security, monitor usage/driver behavior and improve customer service. For example, setting speed limits for waste trucks and monitoring their usage, and setting geofences for particular routes that the vehicles need to stay within Management are able to view the exact location and time that waste has been collected, when bins are emptied or where expensive recyclables are being transported to.

Statistics show that most waste managers cannot account for over a third of their fleet, and cannot account for the status of their vehicles, whether it is operating efficiently, or if it is secure.

Waste companies are always seeking new ways to improve their business and strengthen customer service, and using GPS tracking technology can help them to gather the valuable information they need to improve the efficiency and productivity of their business.

  • Monitor waste types and report issues in real time

  • Improve customer service

  • Reduce fuel costs through better planning

  • Improve routing schedules

  • Increase productivity

  • Monitor driver behaviour

  • Integrate with existing onboard systems



We also offer our clients a complete suite of solutions to manage the delivery and compliance of their Tipper and Tanker logistics. Through our learnings and dealing with industry leaders have been able to develop various systems that can easily monitor the complete delivery process by your team of logistic staff.

  • PTO usage reporting and monitoring 

  • Complete Vehicle CAN Integration

  • Live Onboard Mass Management

  • Multi-Axle Mass Management

  • Customised Pre-Start Checks

  • Driver Fatigue Management

  • Pro-Active Rest Break Management

  • Fuel consumption per delivery

  • Mileage per delivery

  • Bluetooth Connectivity for driver visibility

  • Live Dashboard and Reporting Suite