The use of GPS tracking devices in a vehicle or asset falls under the relative legislative body in the state in which they are installed. Although we provide this information below for "informative" purposes only we always strongly recommend that an employer should have an open conversation about the installation of any surveillance type equipment in company vehicles with the regular driver of the vehicle. Experience has shown us that this often is the best overall preventative protection for driver safety and vehicle or asset protection, regardless of the legislative requirement to do so. This should be done in writing and recorded for the purpose of any future matter that may arise from the use of this technology.   

IMPORTANT: This information is provided on an informative basis and is current at the time of publication (Feb 2022). Netcorp and its employees are not legally trained or responsible for any legislative action taken against any person or company based on the information we have provided. We highly recommend that any legislative queries regarding the use of any of the products or services we provide are taken up with a qualified legal practitioner.