Netcorp is the only telematics company in Australia that has developed their own OBM (On Board Mass) management system from the ground up. Our hardware engineers have developed a multi-axle mass management system that not only allows the driver full transparency and control of the load they are carrying, but also the operator in real time alongside their other vehicle location data. 


Our R&D team have produced a system unlike any other, with the ability to measure up to 4 x individual axle groups at a time on any multi-axle vehicle. The driver has the ability to view, ticket and calibrate the on board scales via their bluetooth connected driver app as part of our single screen approach to managing driver interaction with our system. 

  • Up to 4 x Axle Groups

  • Self-Calibration using driver app

  • Bluetooth Connected

  • Live Mass Server connected

  • Customised Digital Ticketing Process Available

  • Complete Vehicle CAN Integration

  • Fuel consumed based on weight data

  • Mileage per delivery

  • Live Dashboard and Reporting Suite



Two of the highest costs in running an Agitator fleet is the cost of fuel and waste concrete. Another unforeseen cost and safety issue is concrete build up in the barrel and the risk of overfilling or being over mass regulations, and having no way of monitoring this - Until Now. Netcorp Engineers have a developed a way to manage and monitor concrete buildup in a barrel using various smarts in our On Board Mass management system. Alongside these features, we are also able to manage the exact delivery time taken onsite, and monitor water added and at what point in the load the water was used. Was the water used for washing down a barrel or throughout the delivery process? Without an onboard scale system this will always be an unknown. The cost of carting leftover concrete is also one that doesn't have to be estimated any longer by using our complete barrel analytics suite. 

  • Monitor concrete buildup in Barrels over time

  • Water usage vs Mass vs Status

  • Return Concrete Monitoring

  • Complete Vehicle CAN Integration

  • Live Onboard Mass Management

  • Fuel consumption per ticket (Jonel / CMD Alkon)

  • Mileage per ticket (Jonel / CMD Alkon)

  • Bluetooth Connectivity for driver visibility

  • Live Dashboard and Reporting Suite

  • Barrel Analytics reporting

  • Barrel Lifetime and Cartage reports

  • Total Barrel Rotation reports