In October 2018 the NHVR (National Heavy Vehicle Regulator) in Australia, has demanded organisations take the appropriate steps using whatever means necessary to ensure drivers are complying with the law, and that operators are not placing drivers in unrealistic deadline timeframes, and thereby introducing the “Chain Of Responsibility" legislation.

Read more here: https://www.nhvr.gov.au/safety-accreditation-compliance/chain-of-responsibility

Businesses who do not take the appropriate proactive action are exposed to huge fines and even the possibility of jail time.

Essentially the legislation outlines an onus on the operator to take appropriate steps to prove they have done everything they can to reduce risk along their delivery chain. This starts from the driver and ground level staff, all the way to Executive Management to ensure they minimise the potential of high risk scenarios that can place drivers and road users in a position of vulnerability.


  • GPS tracking with high interval updates

  • Driver Fatigue Management

  • OBM (On Board Mass) Management

  • Pre-Start and Fault Reporting

  • Fault Management

  • Complete Vehicle CAN Integration

  • Multi-Axle Mass Management

  • Customised Pre-Start Checks

  • Pro-Active Rest Break Management

  • Live Fatigue Management Dashboard

  • Fully Customised Live Compliance Dashboards