Using our vast range of products and resources we are able to provide solutions across any industry requirement. Our hardware development team can customise a solution to suit any type of moving asset and our team of software developers can design and integrate into any existing software business system.... or we can build it for you.

Our “Live” GPS tracking platform gives you instant access to every vehicle’s real time location in the latest maps from Google. You can easily determine historical vehicle locations as well as historical data from the various methods we have of extracting critical vehicle information. We have provided all types of solutions from personal tracking to heavy vehicle and plant solutions giving customers a reliable single touch platform for viewing all of their personal or business assets.


Netcorp specialises in delivering heavy vehicles solutions that can monitor and report on heavy vehicle information. We are extremely driver safety focused with most of our features and reporting surrounding the monitoring of driver behavior. By using our specially designed driver app on a driver's sign on glass, we can delivery the ultimate experience when implementing various level of COR (Chain of Responsibility). We are the only telematics company that has built its own Mass Management OBM system in house that seamlessly integrates into our telematics platform alongside other critical driver fatigue and fault management features.


Rather than installing a simple dash cam in your fleet of vehicles why not consider a mobile digital video recording device which offers you many additional features for the same price range? By utilising our solution you are able to play and retrieve remotely stored data on your vehicles from the comfort of your desktop PC and view vehicle location and camera feeds at the click of a mouse.


All too often we hear stories of businesses investing thousands of dollars in rolling out dash cameras into their fleet and then having no way of monitoring whether their devices are actually working or not. Our system monitors for potential tampering or defective hardware to ensure the footage you need is available when you need it.