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Fault Management

Fault Management in Sydney

Fault Management in Sydney for large fleets can become a cumbersome task especially when dealing with LOD contractor drivers, whom you still have a CoR (Chain of Responsibility) commitment to. Netcorp’s centrally managed fault reporting process allows your drivers to raise issues and digitally manage these processes through an escalation process based on the predetermined severity of the fault. 

If a fault is raised by the driver that has a high severity level and may pose a risk to the vehicle being driven, the vehicle goes through a simple yet effective CoR process and will not allow that vehicle to be used until a supervisor inspects the vehicle. When logging on, a driver will be presented with any existing known faults in the vehicle, and their severity – to ensure that they are aware of any existing issues as part of their pre-start process. The driver then logs these as part of their pre-start process and follows through with the CoR process to supervisors or managers, to ensure any risk is avoided and the issue can be addressed as soon as possible.

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By having a managed Fault Management system, fleets can be confident that their drivers are aware of any existing faults and helps to reduce the risk of CoR liabilities. The ability to track the progress of the issue through an escalation process allows managers to quickly identify where support may be needed in order to resolve issues quicker.

Netcorp’s Fault Management systems also helps fleet operators to save time and money by more efficiently managing their fleet maintenance and repairs. With cost tracking features, fleet operators have full visibility into repair costs associated with each fault as well as being able to track the cost per kilometre for each vehicle over its lifecycle. This ensures that you can plan ahead when it comes to budgeting for repairs – reducing costly surprises

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